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In July 2014, Gricon and its partners acquired shares in Grupa based in Szczecin.

Grupa sp. z o. o. manages – one of the leading crowdfunding platforms in Poland. The company has been operating since 2013 and has carried out over 160 projects so far.

In April 2014, was the first Polish crowdfunding platform to raise an amount exceeding PLN 100,000 for the project presented on it. PLN (Pan of the Ice Garden game project, amount raised: PLN 124,000). Another success was the recently completed project to revive the magazine about RPG games – Magia i Miecz, which collected nearly 100,000. PLN from over 1,350 people. In addition to purely commercial projects, the Group also implements carefully selected image projects. In 2014, such a project was implemented with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

By combining the experience and competences of the Group and Gricon and its partners, we intend to jointly develop tools for obtaining financing for new and existing social and business ventures.

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