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In April 2013, we completed the process of resale of shares in Neptis S.A. The transaction, which we have been preparing since the beginning of this year, was carried out at the request of one of the shareholders. A block of 43% of shares belonging to the principal was placed through a private offering among several entities.

Neptis S.A. (formerly Neptis Sp. z o. o.) is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative solutions based on GPS and GPRS technologies – Yanosik communicator for drivers and vehicle monitoring service.

The service enables real-time vehicle monitoring and viewing route history on a map using a web browser. It is a simple and professional solution for any business, which does not require installing software on the user’s computer, but only requires Internet access from anywhere in the world.

The second key product offered by Neptis S.A. is an interactive messenger for Yanosik drivers. This system combines the features of CB radio and GPS devices (navigation, speed camera locators, etc.). Yanosik automatically updates reports received from service users and forwards them in real time to drivers approaching places where a specific event has been located, e.g. police patrol, speed camera, accident. At the time of the transaction, the Yanosik solution boasted over 600,000 users.

We are pleased to announce that as a result of the transaction, Neptis S.A. became a shareholder. Gricon Sp. also joined. z o. o. sp. k., for which this investment is another step in the implementation of a strategy focusing on transaction consulting.

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